Wednesday, October 10, 2007

DC Sonic Circuits Festival 2007

On my mom's birthday in September 2007 I played live at the DC Sonic Circuits Festival after being invited by Jeff Surak. My show as Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art featured submissions from artists playing the festival after my performance:
Thomas-Ankersmit [de], Arturas Bumsteinas [lt], The Caution Curves [dc], Iris Garrelfs [uk], Mike Jackson [nc], Sara Lundén [se], Murmer [uk], Northern Machine [va], Promute [nc], Safe [dc]
The live show featured also recordings of the duo from Brooklyn Gunung Sari who played before me that night as well as vocals and handouts by yours truly.

Live Videos [imbeded and linked - don't miss the links!]:
That's Hal MCGee on the left side of the screen sipping from a water bottle.
Masters 1:
Masters 2
Masters 3:
Masters 4
Masters 5:
Masters 6
Masters 7

My Basque friend Miguel A. Garcia played a solo set as Xedh the night before my show [Sept 14] at the Velvet Lounge. Here are two short video excerpts from that.
Xedh 1:
Xedh 2:

Two short videos of Gunung Sari who performed before me in the same room.
Gunung Sari 1
Gunung Sari 2

Hal McGee did a wonderful set after mine and here is a little video excerpt.
Hal 1

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