Sunday, March 26, 2006

Zanstones play Dutch Squats 2004

ZANTOUR JAN 04: People + Buildings ~ NL: Zaandam + Rotterdam + Groningen + Zwolle + Enschede ~ BE: Brussels + Tienen ~ FR: Lille
Fokkin' Odal, Man Manly and Zanstones did a live tour of Dutch squats appearing with half of TBTTBC on the first two shows. In Peter "Fokkin' Odal" Zincken's home town of Zaandam we played at the squat 2B that Alex "Fokkin' Odal" is associated with.We drove in Alex's Mercedes van with his girlfriend and two dogs to Rotterdam to play and crash at Slaakhuys, Holland's largest squat, located in an 8 story abandoned office building.
Marc TBTTBC left us for Belgium after this show and we saw him again in Belgium at the Tienen show at Oliver's apartment. I next took a train to Zwolle to meet Richard Van Dellen, of De Fabriek fame. Peter, James Man Manly, and Alex arrived the next day in Peter's car and we proceeded to De Hondenkoekjesfabriek not far from Richard's in Zwolle.

We drove north next to Groningen to play at ORCZ in an abandoned and squatted Roman Catholic Hospital which seemed larger than Slaakhuys but wasn't officially a squat since an arrangement had been made with the owners of the property for some rent to be paid.From there we returned to Zwolle for a show in a very chilly C09, a name when said in Dutch sounds like the word rabbit. That night we stayed at De Hondenkoekjesfabriek again where James left his phone. We headed toward the German border to Enschede to play our last date together at Planetart. NEXT :BELGIUM